Friday, November 20, 2015

Red Ballerinas Review #3

Hello everyone,

I recently decided that I want to post again onthe blog. I once read a comment on one of my posts asking if I was not blogging anymore.
The fact is that I am not a professional blogger. I want to be able to post whenever I wish. For me is blogging a hobby for I have no envy sometimes. But once in while I really feel the need to post.

Why did I take the decision to make a new Red Ballerinas Review? It is actually very simple: I love shoes and I am presently looking for a new pair.
This search started when I had to throw away my last pair of red ballerinas, almost constrained, as my dear Papa told me that I was embarrassing him with my destroyed shoes - not detroyed in a cool way !!!

The first pair: ASOS

I love this pair as they are not classical ballerinas, more a mixed lace-up / booties / ballerinas. They can be find on and more a own label ! Unfortunately I would prefer they a leather material.

The second pair: TOMS

To be honest I never liked the slippers weird things from TOMS, just the fact the a part of the paid pricegoes to nonprofit. BUT this pair of comfy look ballerinas ae so cute ! I found them on a german online shop called Görtz.

The third pair: PETER KAISER

Those ballerinas look a bit very classical at first sight. Nevertheless those remain a bit excentric with its red-black Ombré patent leather.
I found this rare pearl on the online shop

The fourth: ZARA

Those are more burgundy than red, and really common but the kind of python/crocodile/ostrich patern makes them gorgeous! As almost ever pair of shoes which you can find on

My Decision:
None of them is a match for me.
I could have ordered the ones from ASOS but I am not a real fan of fabric shoes... so sad :-(

I'd love gathering your opinions, therefore pease don not hesitate to post a comment !

Take care guys!

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