Friday, November 13, 2015

1 Song 3 Version #8 -- Stay with me Baby

Hello music lovers !

Previously on the number 7 I said it and I will keep on saying it, I amm really passionate about music.
Therefore I think this topic will come in a reccurent way!
I remember hearing this song back then at home, but I rediscover it, when I was listening to the soundtrack of the great movie "Good Morning England"

I hope that you will enjoy this song and the selection of artists' versions.

The original version: Lorraine Ellison

The second Version: The greatest Janis Joplin

The third Version: the lovely very modern DUFFY

I think that all those versions are very close to one another, but all three artists are/were incredible talents with suche particular voices, which make the 3 versions still different to each others !
There are by the way lots of other covers of this song, but I kept it short !

Did you like the song choice? the version choices? What is your favourite cover?
Please do not hesitate to tell me all that in a comment !

Take care!

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