Friday, May 20, 2016

1 Song 3 Versions #13 -- With a Little Help from My Friends

Hey guys!

1 Song 3 Versions is back on the blog! And the song of today has been first launched by The Beatles. I do not know anyone who does not know one song from this worshipped British band. Nonetheless I do not belong to the huge number of fans all over the world who idolise them, I really like The Beatles but I am not like crazy about them.

And for say, I knew a cover of With a Little Help from My Friends before I heard that this is an original Beatles song, although I may have an excuse as one of the cover is extremely good and famous.

The First Version: the original from The Beatles

To be honest with you guys, I am just posting this one because it is the original version of the song. Because I am not fond of the version of With a Little Help from My Friends from The Beatles, yet it remains the first one, and has been written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. To my point of view there is nothing more to say, but thanks for writing the song.

The Second Version: the famous cover at Woodstock 69 from Joe Cocker

The version of With a Little Help from My Friends by the very missed Joe Cocker is the one thanks to which this song became a masterpiece - this is only my personal opinion, sorry The Beatles' fans - when he sang during the Woodstock Festival of 1969. The musicality is much more flawless, the voice of Joe Cocker is stronger, the performance is just hugely amazing, and it gives me goosebumps.
I knew first the Joe Cocker's version, inasmuch my dad has the record of Woodstock 69 - I want to steal my dad's record- , and he listened to it very frequently when I was a kid.

The Third Version: the Beatles Covers professionals Ike & Tina Turner

This last version of With a Little Help from My Friends is not a surprise for the readers who have been already following the blog. Ike and Tina made several cover of Beatles songs, you can find one a previous 1S3V article on the blog.
I love the voice of Tina Turner, I always did, since I can remember. When I was kid, in 1980s I wanted to be like her, I danced like her. One day I have to get disguised as Tina !!!!

I hope you had fun discovering / rediscovering the song or another version of the the song!
Please do not hesitate to share your impressions with me.

Love and take care guys !

OK, Here is a another little something ;-)
I have to share another cover with guys: from Bon Jovi, based on the Joe Cocker cover, because I love the voice of Jon Bon Jovi :-)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Favorite YouTube Channels #2 -- Makeup tutorials/Reviews & Beauty

Hello guys!

I am back today with a number 2 of my favourites YouTube Channels, and as you have seen in the title we are talking more about makeup and beauty on the blog. On a previous post, I shared with you my choice about makeup removers, in which I said that I will share my YouTube Makeup Gurus. All of them come from different countries, therefore they always are talking about the range of products, to which they havee access. I will precised the country of origin for each of the Beauty YouTubers.

Makeup is also a hobby of mine, where my face - sometimes my friends' faces- is a canvas painting stand.
Indeed makeup or Facepaint is an art, I mean the professional of makeup are not called Makeup Artits for nothing !

In fact, Face paint is the title of a huge giant book on the history of makeup, and is the result of a long research by Lisa Eldridge, my first Guru.

Lisa Eldridge from the UK

Lisa Eldridge is a professional Makeup Artist, who is also the Creative Director of Lancôme. However she seems to be just a huge admirer of makeup products. If you have seen her astonishing book Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, and if you follow her Instagram account, you will see her collection of vintage makeup. The "legend" is that Lisa started this collection and found her calling when she discovered old makeup products at her grand-mother.
A point that I like about her work is that she has access to any products a women would dream of, but she is so curious and dedicate that she tries every kind of cosmetics from drugstores to luxury.

Upcoming is a video, in which Lisa make a universally chic makeup on her own face:

Mon Blog de Fille - Hélène from France

I have to follow with this amazing and beautiful French women, who is an inconditional fan of the work of Lisa Eldridge. Mon Blog de Fille made me discover Lisa. Back to Hélène, she is a blogger for 10 years !!! I belong to her audience on the blog, as I read it once in while, but I am not so much comitted to the general blog as I am for her YouTube Channel, which is mostly about cosmetics. WHy that? Easy to answer that question: I love her way of BEING ! She says what she wants to say, some people may find her a bit rude, I find her honest and refreshing ! Yet she has an amazing huge knowledge on cosmetics, and she looks like, she is always willing to learn more on the subject, and she shares her knowledge and trials very well.
The products shared by Hélène are the ones which she tried, mostly middle priced to luxury, with very rarely drugstore products.

The following video is a Spring Smoky, that Hélène did a couple of months ago with a Palette from NARS:

Shirley B Eniang from the UK

Shirley is a gorgeous women from England, who also writes in her blog not only about beauty, she does some DIY, Shopping hauls, etc, but I just prefer her makeup tutorials on YouTube. Shirley's flawlessness is just beautifully unfair (*jealousy*), and combined with her very marked British English, it makes a adorable. Nevertheless she knows what she is doing in makeup, and the range of used products is made of varied prices.

Here is one tutorial, which has been posted by the lovely Shirley, from which I got inspired to do a makeup on myself.

Sananas2106 - Sanaa from France

The splendid-looking Sanaa is not only focused on makeup and beauty on her channel, even if it remains the main subject on Sananas Channel. Sanaa sems to be very girly girly, but at the same time can have a good laugh about herself.
Her makeup collection is really huge, but she tries to use every single product. Then once she made a trial on makeup, she shares her impressions, and and develop a makeup tutorial.

Sanaa made a gorgeous Christmas/Holidays makeup last December:

Beautiful Naturelle - Ursula from France

The beautiful Ursula is broadcasting on her general YouTube Channel. However I would say that her favorite topic is beauty in general. Most of the time the videos I am watching on the BeautifulNaturrel Channel are the videos dedicated to hair and makeup.
Ursula is trying to vary the hairstyling tutorials as well as her makeup tutorials. Please note that of course, for you to be relevant: the hair tutorials are for wavy, curly, frizzy hair. The beautiful natural Yu

Here is one recent tutorial that Ursula broadcasted:

Beauty Broadcast- Emily from the US

I do not even know how to start about Emily except that this women knows her way about makeup! She started to have this knowledge, when she was presenting TV news.
If you want to have the best and most relevant and informative facts about some products, you have to follow her channel! I think, that she is one of the most UNDERRATED Beauty YouTuber, with not even 1 Million followers, although she is the best dupes discoverer.
Emily has an enormous makeup collection that covers drugstore products to more expensive makeup brands. As part of her audience you will always find interest in the cosmetic products she is sharing.
And last but not least, she seems to be lovely nice person, who just wants to share a passion for makeup!

On the upcoming video, Emily is presenting the treasures that she found in drugstores:

Sandrea26France - Sandrea from France living in the US

Sandrea is a young mother of one, who looks like a "trashy" Barbie Doll: to my eyes it is positive and funny, this blondie style mixed with big tattoos and spacers (well I am not she still has thoselast ones). Moreover she seems to have good sense of humor, and calm at the same time.
She started her channel with makeup tutorials, then she created hairstyling tutorials- quite logical for a trained hair dresser), and nowadays her channel is taking a general direction. Still, Makeup and beauty remain the principal topic that I watch on Sandrea's channel: her way of sharing is honest and informative, and I just love th style of her makeup.

The following video is a makeup tutorial whose colors I really like:

Nikkie Tutorials from the Netherlands but in English

The cute, young and very talented Nikkie has been worldwide famous after the buzz of her "Power of Makeup" video, which has reached more than 29,2 million views on YouTube at the time that I wrote this article. What to say more, she deserves her more 3,3 millions followers as she is amazingly talented makeup artist who always has a crazy trick, the Nivea Aftershave Balm as a Makeup Primer is really functionning great !!!

Here is her worldwide famous video "The Power of Makeup":

I hope you had fun discovering / rediscovering those Beauty YouTube Channels and their authors!
Please do not hesitate to share your impressions with me.

Love and take care guys !

Friday, May 6, 2016

I love coffee shops ! #1 Le Johann Rose - Neukölln

Hi everyone!

Today I am establishing a new category on my blog. This concerns another thing that I like doing: coffee and cake after a nice walk ! Yes, I agree, this is more a "granny" activity for a lot of persons, well I really enjoy it.
That is why I decided to share my discories in my lovely city that is Berlin.

The first place I want to share with you is a Café-Restaurant francais called Le Johann Rose. I know very original for a french woman ! HAHAHA ! It is actually only a coincidence. When I found this place, I notice when leaving that it is french.

Le Johann Rose is a real cosy and warm place, where you feel like "at home".
You can find the café under, on this little map:

I thought about doing some photos a bit late, but you still can see how cosy it looks like. I enjoy teatime with a friend, sitting on low chairs and table, which gave us the impression of being in a dollhouse and playing "fake" teatime like kids !

Another point, that makes Le Johann Rose even more friendly to my eyes is the mixed population: young adults, older people, young families are enjoying time in this Café-Restaurant.
On the following photograph you can notice a backroom with a nice interior playground: completely kids friendly, but a bit separate for a calm environment, for people without kids.

And here are the delicious homemade cakes, which we devoured with my friend. We even saw one cake getting out of the oven and being turned out of the cake pan !

To sum up, I can only give a positive opinion on the coffee and cakes, the environment, the decoraation and the customer care. If you want to try Le Johann Rose as a restaurant, I am not able to give my opinion, but if the meals are as delicious as the cakes, I say YES !

I give you the address again:
Le Johann Rose
Panierstraße 41,
12047 Berlin

I hope you will have the occasion to have teatime there. If it is happening, please do not hesitate to give me your opinion in a comment.

Love and take care !

Friday, April 29, 2016

1 Song 3 Versions #12 -- Caruso

Hello everyone!

Today is the come back of my favourite category, it's time for 1 Song 3 Versions !!!
If you are a new reader, you may not know that I love music. I cannot even understand people who do not listen to music as I am always playing music all the time. For each situation of my life, there is the fitting soundtrack: classical music when I need to be focussed, jazz music when I read a book, Justin Timberlake (check my posts, I am a very huge fan of him) when I have a lack of motivation, electro-lounge when having a dinner party, etc.

The song that I chose for this 12th 1S3V post is a classical song of the 1980s, which was exactly launched in 1986. To be honest, and for the first time, I knew a cover before the original version. The thing is that this song have been covered so many times, that it is difficult to know: Andrea Bocelli, Lara Fabian, Julio Iglesias, Luciano Pavarotti, etc.

Men and women covered this beautiful son, but I prefer the covers with a male voice, I don't even know why. And I present you 3 male voice versions of course.

The first Version: Original from Lucio Della

Like I told you, it is not the first version of Caruso that I discovered, but it is my second favourite one. Lucio Della was the singer song-writter, he unfortunately passed away, and let a gorgeous song to the music world!

The second Version: my favourite French Male Voice Florent Pagny

This is the version of Caruso that I firstly discovered. Florent Pagny is for me the most amazing male voice of France, even if I am not a big fan of his songs. Nevertheless, his Caruso cover is wonderful!

The third Version: from classical singer Josh Groban

A very important point about this song, is that it cannot be sang from anyone, if the singer has no singing technique, it is impossible to perform Caruso. Therefore it was not a challenge for Josh Groban who originally is a classic singer. He just nailed it !

I hope you had fun discovering / rediscovering the song or another version of the the song!

Please do not hesitate to share your impressions with me.

Love and take care guys !

Friday, April 15, 2016

Review Cosmeto -- Makeup Removers

Hello everyone!

I think that I never said here that I a big fan of makeup. It is for me a kind of art, a kind of painting... but on my face most of the time, and sometimes on my friends. I am not a makeup artist, but I am not bad at it. I love how it can embellish a person.
I hope to post you very soon what I have done with the help, once in a while of makeup tutorials that I find on YouTube. I will as well post about my favorite Makeup / Beauty channels.

But there is no makeup without a good makeup remover, and following are my favourites of all time!


This balm of Clinique is not the cheapest for sure, but very efficient. This is a balm that transforms into oil once you rubbed it, and has not perfume, which is very good for sensitive skins. After you just need to rubb it on your face for 2 or 3 minutes and everything is gone and let your face healthy. Moreover this efficieny is measured by Me (hihihi) by the possibility of removing easily waterproof mascara and Sephora Cream Lip Stains (love them but hard to get off).

Available on the Clinique website of course.


Those 2 makeup removers from The Body Shop are my second favorites. They have the same usage as the balm of Clinique. The Butter when rubbed transforms into oil. After you just need to rubb it on your face for 2 or 3 minutes and everything is gone and let your face healthy. It removes also any vestige of makeup, from waterproof mascara to any longstay matte liquid lip stain, just like the cleansing oil.
The only differences for me between those 2 are: the form and thus packaging, and I notice that I used much more than needed when it is the butter.

Available on the Body Shop E-shop and shops worldwide.

Third: PURETÉ THERMALE 3in1 One step cleanser from Vichy

This makeup remover is a cleansing milk, which means that it requires cotton pads. I had thiss giant edition as a present, and I really like. This product from Vichy does a good job, but waterproof mascara is still a obstacle for its efficiency. Nevertheless the skin gains the most moisterizing effect thanks too this cleasing milk.

Available in pharmacies worldwide.

For a deeper description you have the Vichy Website available in different languages.

To conlude, I prefer the Camomile Sumpteous Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop from all of the presented makeup removers. With the pump I use exactly the quantity that I need, with the same efficiency. As I do not apply makeup everyday I had the bottle-pump for around 5 mmonths !!!
Another factor is the hygiene, you never need to open the container, unlike the balm and the butter, and like the cleansing milk of Vichy less external particules can get into the products. And last factor- sorry but for me not the most important one- it is a more ecological removal of makeup, as it does not require extra (cotton) pads.

I hope this article could have informed, helped or guided you, if needed.
Have fun, post comments, and take care!

Lots of Love!

You read me !!!