Friday, May 6, 2016

I love coffee shops ! #1 Le Johann Rose - Neukölln

Hi everyone!

Today I am establishing a new category on my blog. This concerns another thing that I like doing: coffee and cake after a nice walk ! Yes, I agree, this is more a "granny" activity for a lot of persons, well I really enjoy it.
That is why I decided to share my discories in my lovely city that is Berlin.

The first place I want to share with you is a Café-Restaurant francais called Le Johann Rose. I know very original for a french woman ! HAHAHA ! It is actually only a coincidence. When I found this place, I notice when leaving that it is french.

Le Johann Rose is a real cosy and warm place, where you feel like "at home".
You can find the café under, on this little map:

I thought about doing some photos a bit late, but you still can see how cosy it looks like. I enjoy teatime with a friend, sitting on low chairs and table, which gave us the impression of being in a dollhouse and playing "fake" teatime like kids !

Another point, that makes Le Johann Rose even more friendly to my eyes is the mixed population: young adults, older people, young families are enjoying time in this Café-Restaurant.
On the following photograph you can notice a backroom with a nice interior playground: completely kids friendly, but a bit separate for a calm environment, for people without kids.

And here are the delicious homemade cakes, which we devoured with my friend. We even saw one cake getting out of the oven and being turned out of the cake pan !

To sum up, I can only give a positive opinion on the coffee and cakes, the environment, the decoraation and the customer care. If you want to try Le Johann Rose as a restaurant, I am not able to give my opinion, but if the meals are as delicious as the cakes, I say YES !

I give you the address again:
Le Johann Rose
Panierstraße 41,
12047 Berlin

I hope you will have the occasion to have teatime there. If it is happening, please do not hesitate to give me your opinion in a comment.

Love and take care !

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