Friday, April 15, 2016

Review Cosmeto -- Makeup Removers

Hello everyone!

I think that I never said here that I a big fan of makeup. It is for me a kind of art, a kind of painting... but on my face most of the time, and sometimes on my friends. I am not a makeup artist, but I am not bad at it. I love how it can embellish a person.
I hope to post you very soon what I have done with the help, once in a while of makeup tutorials that I find on YouTube. I will as well post about my favorite Makeup / Beauty channels.

But there is no makeup without a good makeup remover, and following are my favourites of all time!


This balm of Clinique is not the cheapest for sure, but very efficient. This is a balm that transforms into oil once you rubbed it, and has not perfume, which is very good for sensitive skins. After you just need to rubb it on your face for 2 or 3 minutes and everything is gone and let your face healthy. Moreover this efficieny is measured by Me (hihihi) by the possibility of removing easily waterproof mascara and Sephora Cream Lip Stains (love them but hard to get off).

Available on the Clinique website of course.


Those 2 makeup removers from The Body Shop are my second favorites. They have the same usage as the balm of Clinique. The Butter when rubbed transforms into oil. After you just need to rubb it on your face for 2 or 3 minutes and everything is gone and let your face healthy. It removes also any vestige of makeup, from waterproof mascara to any longstay matte liquid lip stain, just like the cleansing oil.
The only differences for me between those 2 are: the form and thus packaging, and I notice that I used much more than needed when it is the butter.

Available on the Body Shop E-shop and shops worldwide.

Third: PURETÉ THERMALE 3in1 One step cleanser from Vichy

This makeup remover is a cleansing milk, which means that it requires cotton pads. I had thiss giant edition as a present, and I really like. This product from Vichy does a good job, but waterproof mascara is still a obstacle for its efficiency. Nevertheless the skin gains the most moisterizing effect thanks too this cleasing milk.

Available in pharmacies worldwide.

For a deeper description you have the Vichy Website available in different languages.

To conlude, I prefer the Camomile Sumpteous Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop from all of the presented makeup removers. With the pump I use exactly the quantity that I need, with the same efficiency. As I do not apply makeup everyday I had the bottle-pump for around 5 mmonths !!!
Another factor is the hygiene, you never need to open the container, unlike the balm and the butter, and like the cleansing milk of Vichy less external particules can get into the products. And last factor- sorry but for me not the most important one- it is a more ecological removal of makeup, as it does not require extra (cotton) pads.

I hope this article could have informed, helped or guided you, if needed.
Have fun, post comments, and take care!

Lots of Love!

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