Friday, February 12, 2016

1 Song 3 Versions #11 -- Sweet Dreams

Hello everybody !

Here I am, back with my favourite category of my own blog: 1Song3Versions!
It may seem that I am stucked in the 1980s, but no. There are obviously a lot of songs from this era that I loved, but from the previous posts of this cateory you can already notice, that I do not have a favourite music period nor a favourite music genre: love the Rock of the 1970s, the Hip-Hop of the 1990s, the pop of the 2000s ...

So today's post will be about a very famous song from the 1980s called Sweet Dreams, originally from the sooo 80s British Band Eurythmics.
Even nowadays it is to be heard everywhere in different places all over the world. The song was extremely successful in France, where almost 1 million copies were sold only in the 1983, crazy !!!

Well, let's stop with the gibber jabber and I let you discover the versions I chose to share with you guys. FYI, one version is not a simple cover, but also a sampled song.

The first version: the original from Eurythmics

The second Version: again the King of owning a cover Marilyn Manson

The third Version: Half cover half sample fron NAS

I hope you had fun discovering / rediscovering the song or another version of the the song!

Please do not hesitate to share your impressions with me.

Love and take care guys !

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