Friday, February 5, 2016

Favorite YouTube Channels #1 -- Knitting Tutorials & Paterns

When Christmas was coming I was always searching for new designs for knit work.
I am not considering myself as a good knitter, but I love knitting in winter!
And my family just enjoy my knits as Christmas gifts.
Moreover I think that DIY christmas presents are the most personal ones and shows some effort in the gift giving.

So since 5 years I offer some knitted pieces to my family for Christmas.
With the help of the following 3 Youtube Channels though, who are just my knitting saviors right now!

The first channel is IKNITS

This channel is the one of the lovely Christine from the U.S. What makes me love her channel is the variety of nice patern and design. Her designs are not only gorgeous but also very modern for women, men and kids.
I think iKNITS is the first knittin YouTube Channel I started to follow.
But it was not easy, as I learnedd the basics of knitting in French, and the system is a bit different. However, Christine is to clear and precised that I found very easily the correspondances :-)
Christine, if you read this: thanks for your sweet knitting YouTube Channel !
You can also find her on Facebook and other social networks.

The second channel is Fadinou

This channel is the Pandora's box of paterns!! She is sooo talented! The designs you can find on Fadinou's channel /blog are humongous, from the basic scarf, beanie, socks for men, women, kids, or babies to her last one (when I wrote this article) which is a ... knitted mermaid tail !!!!
It is the craziest collection of designs that I have discover online, but it is only in French.
But of course youmay have other discoveries ;-)

The third channel is Wool And The Gang

Wool and The Gang is not just a YouTube channel with knits tutorials, but also an amazing company selling paterns, quality wool, and knitting kits containing a set of knitting needles with patern and wool together.
I discover them thanks to a friend of mine - who I actually wish I could more - Virginie Peny, who is a blogger and entrepreneur in Zurich.
I learned to knit with my granny as was around 14 year old, but I really started to knit when I was in my 20s. And Wool and The Gang helped me a lot to remember the basic stitches and discover new ones.
I advise their tutorials for learning the stitches, their available in different languages!

Once in while I post some work in progress on my Instagram:

Have fun, post comments, and take care!

Lots of Love!

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  1. Hey Ann, Charlotte here from Wool and the Gang! Thank you thank you for the shout out to our YouTube channel, we're planning on getting lots more tutorials up there this year :) Happy knitting! x


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