Friday, December 4, 2015

Let me Introduce you: Toulouse! #4

Hello Everybody!

This summer/fall I took time for myself and revitalized myself and went to France quite a long time.
Usually I stay maximum 2 weeks everytime I go/fly to France, and it is always a run. I have to rush to meet everyone of my friends and family, and therefore I cannot enjoy the time with them as I wish.
But this time I had time, and this was amazing: Paris, Bagnoles de l'Orne, Argentan, Carrouges, Vires, Saint-Hilaire du Harcouet, Avranches, Carolles, Paris, Bordeaux, Arcachon, Pyla sur Mer, Toulouse, Paris - That was my revitalizing trip in France! I did not documented everything, if you want to see more you can check my IG under @annflos !!!

And here is Toulouse, where I visited a friend, who I met in Berlin, my Lovely Meli :-D

Just in case, here is a little map, then you can situate where Toulouse exactly in France :-)

This is a pic of the Pont-Neuf ("New Bridge") taken from the Pont Saint-Pierre (Saint Peter's Bridge)

This is Meli & I on the Pont Saint-Pierre.

Here is the Quai de l'Exil Républicain Espagnol (Quay of the Spanish republican Exile) and L'hôpital de La Grave taken from the Quai de la Daurade (my favorite neighbourhood in Toulouse, where the best Lebanese Restaurant of the city is)

Some cute house made of some kind of red bricks, like everywhere in the city, thus Toulouse is called La ville rose (The pink city)

Here is Le port de la Daurade (Habour of the Daurade) taken from the Quai Lombard, with the cute terrasse of the Café des artistes, where it is so nice and cute to take the Apéro (but FYI it is very expensive) !

On this pic is a part of the Basilique de la Daurade - And yep even a basilica is in Toulouse made of red bricks :-)

In the Rue Jean Suau are some nice pubs, restaurants and bars, still in the Neighbourhood of La Daurade, including the quoted Lebanese !

The Arcades around the Place du Capitol are just gorgeous !

The famous and beautiful Place du Capitol was taken at sundown and I love it !

The Rue de la Trinité brings us to the Place de la Trinité also a very nice place to take the Apéro on a terrasse!

Place de la Trinité

Time for the Apéro !!! :-D

This was my view of Toulouse !

Have fun, post comments, and take care!

Lots of Love!

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