Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flashy is narrating... Flashy raconte... #2

Hi everyboy!

Long time, no post :-)

Well it's been a while since I really wrote on the blog, and also even since I posted an article.
I decided that I will keep on writing about my choice in life related to german and Germany.

Last time I was explaining I chose as first language to learn at school... So I started to learn german, and the first two years I had a very nice, interesting, particular teacher: Herr Reuter (Mister Reuter). To explain a bit more how special he was, is important. His specialty was to throw or even eat pieces of shalk. Ok that's not nice to just mention those points, he had other particularities, he brought us (the whole class) a lot of lost traditions (I mean by lost, some we did not know). The tradition I remember the most of what he brought us, was and is the Advent, with the crown of pine trees and candles. This nice teacher was offering at every classes a „mandarine“ to each and everyone students of the class during the December before Christmas.
He was a very nice teacher, but unfortunately, not one of the best german teacher. I could not say that I had made so much improvement in german.

The 3rd and 4th year I learned german, I had a very great teacher. Thanks to Frau Pillion (Ms. Pillion) my german got really better, I was able to speak... just a bit … The most important event of those two years, is my first visit of Germany. It was a student exchange program of my city in France with the Partner city in Germany: Salzgitter, around Hannover and Braunschweig. Except the fact that the girl I was exchanging with, did not like and we could not ge along, I really had a great time there, her family was cool, sweet and cheerful. They were always kind to me, taking care of me. This event had I think a great impact on my future life.

Then I haven't so much to say about my relationship with Germany. The years passed without any amazing points, which need to be noticed.
During high school, I was more into english, that's why I went twice to UK, once in the area of Brighton, and the second time in the beautiful region of Cornwall in Falmouth to be precised.
That is how I got to improve my english speaking, in nice families. And I went once in Ireland in Galway, where the family was a bit weird but nice. But what amazed me the most in Ireland are the landscapes, and how Irish people are cheerful.

Now back to german and Germany...

... To be continued...

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