Monday, October 22, 2012

1 Song 3 Versions #5 -- Bad Romance

Hello every one!

1 Song 3 Versions is back !!!

I have some difficulties to maintain this category, as it is not very easy to find a good song which had more than twices interpreted. My opinion is that when a song is a genuine work and even a masterpiece, a singer has to find courage, or has to be very confident about his talent to try to sing it another way.
Well that is my opinion, and tastes on music can be relative.

But I found 3 great versions of the following song. The piece I chose today is „Bad Romance“.
I think (I may be wrong) the most famous interpretation is from its compositor itself, Ms Lady Gaga. I like the melody, I like the lyrics. I just share, as the undertitle of the blog says, what I like.
The second version is a recent discovery, not of the band, but the fact that they interpreted „Bad Romance“ on live for a UK TV show: 30 Seconds To Mars. I am a huge fan of the band of the actor Jared Leto, (if you do not know him it's time to click here), his brother Shannon, and their friend Tomo. I unfortunately never had the chance to be at one of their concert of their huge last tour (Guiness Record for almost 2 years on tour), and it is not like I did not try...
The last version is actually just a cover. I chose this cover of "Bad Romance", because as I said before, it is hard to find many version of one song, and I also wanted to share this show that I like: GLEE - and in general I deeply like muscals !!

Well I let you enjoy the three differents versions!!!

The First Version, Lady Gaga

Lady-Gaga-Bad-Romance-Official-Video- par Henrietta-Aime-Fumer_Tv

The Second Version, 30STM

The Third Version, GLEE

Bad Romance - Glee par PoppyLucile

Have fun with comments and see you soon!

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