Saturday, January 10, 2015

Verde Gruen Green

Hello Everyone,

Today I decided, that I want to share another Hobby of mine with you guys.

I love cooking, I cook since I was a child, where I started with a chocolate cake, whose recipe I got in the Kindegarten.
The Name of the recipe was "Gâteau Bleu" (Blue Cake), up from now I still don't why it was called like this.

Then this Hobby grew in me, as I spent a lot of School Holidays at my aunts or my Grand mother, all of them always cooked, just like my mum. And I was the Little Sous-Chef of them all the time.
That is how I think that I developped this Passion for cooking.

I don't consider myself as a great cook, it is just that I like it.

For my first cooking post, I have some pictures for you of one of my lazy recipe.

- Runner beans + Spring Onions + Brocolis + Mushrooms --> in the Pan with hot olive oil
- Cook aside some pastas
- Add Pastas to vegetables + 2 teespoons of Pesto Verde

==> DONE !

Enjoy with comments, have fun, take care and see you soon!

Lots of love,

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