Wednesday, January 7, 2015



Hello everyone,

I think, that I have been hidden something from you sin I started my blog.

*drum roll* ..... I AM CRAZY about Justin Timberlake!!!
I have to give Details, I am crazy about the musician! He is not bad as an actor, but he is just cute and bankable...
But I love the musician and dancer that he is. As I told you before, I love dancing, an I was in Dance Schools from the Age of 4 until the Age of 25.

But the craziness I have for him, I have no idea where it is coming from, it maybe a delated teenie Phase that I did not have as a Teenager... LoL...

He is just an amazing Artist, who I had the Chance to see in concert 4 times (I know I am nuts :-P =
- Justified Tour in Paris
- Future Sex Love Tour in Leipzig (I was in internship there)
- The 20/20 Experience Tour in the Stade de France, Paris
- The 20/20 Experience Tour in The Olympia, Paris.

Every each concert was amazing, beautiful, emotional, Party, fun, entertaining.

Readers from the US he is back home on tour so try to go see him. You really don't Need to be a Crazy fan like me to appreciate and anjoy the concert !!!

Here are some pics of the 20/20 Experience Tour!

Here is a short video of the concert at L'Olympia in Paris of the song "Like I love you"

Enjoy with comments, have fun, take care and see you soon!

Lots of love,

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