Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I love grey jerseys

Hi everyone,

I have the impression, that once again I disappeared from my blog.
Well if you follow me, you'll know that there is no regularity with my posts ...

Whatever, It does not mean that I have enough to post on my blog, just that sometimes I am more in the mood for doing something else :).
Sometime against my will.... I explain myself, some events made me busy:
- First, I got surgury for my f*cking appendix, everybody says that it's "nothing", well I do NOT agree, and this happened 2 weeks before the next point...
- Second, I had holidays 2 weeks after the surgury, flying to Paris (at Mummy's), then to Israel where a friend of mine from Univerty married.
- Last back at work, my colleague and "wingman" for work quitted then a lot more to achieve for me at work..

Well now it's better! If we don't take into account the giant contracture I have in my neck and back.... that's life!!!

For today an outfit, I'll post some pics from Israel later.

Knitted coat, grey jersey dress and tight from H&M
Wild leather grey brogues from a small shop in Nuremberg

Have fun with comments and see you soon !

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