Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boyish - MasculinFéminin

Hello Eveyone!

I always loved this chimere of feminin apparel but could be male collections.
This trend lasts since many decades.

Old fashion way:

Last decade

Perfect Kirsten Dunst

Trendy Chloe Savigny

Gorgeous Monica Bellucci

Divine Vanessa Paradis

My vote goes to for old fashion to Gabrielle "coco" Chanel, and to Vanessa for nowadays! It's a pure coincidence if they're both French!

What do you think ?

Have fun with coments and see you soon!

Photos credits: Getty Image, Wire Image, Max PPP, ABACA, Fondation Pierre Bergé YSL,


  1. j'adore ce genre de style !! le look masculin chez une nana fait tellement cool que j'y adhère totalement !!! ces photos sont cools et je vote pour Vanessa Paradis

  2. Cool post! I love this boyish loook!!

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