Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nails Experience

Hello !!

It's aweful how good I am to waste my time on stuff I hate/love to do...
[I have a lot of other administrative things I should do first :s]

> But you have no choice some times: cleaning, laundry, ironing, MANDATORY yeurk!!!

> And many other choices are available other times: watching series (I'll make a list of the ones I watch... I'm crazy I think ?!?!), reading thousand magazines of course in all languages (French-mothertongue-, German, English, and a few spanish) I can, although it's not funny :D, reading novels, dancing crazy on music alone in my appartment, or DO MY NAILS !!!

The Last point brings us to the topic of the day NAIL EXPERIENCE.

Forrest green from Biguine Makeup
Pastel green from American Apparel
Nailcare from Mavala (the best one for stronger nails!!!)

- True Blood
- Gossip Girl
- Royal Pains
- United States of Tara
- 90210
- Two and a half men
- Breaking Bad
- Desperate Housewives
- The Big Bang Theory
- How I met your mother
- Dexter
- Criminal Minds
- The secret life of the american teenager
- ...
Don't remember, but I know the list is longer !?!?

Have fun with comments and see you soon !!!

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