Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been a while ....

Hi I'm BACK,

Actually, I never left. But there are some time in your life, where you don't have the same mood, even not the same goals, or envies or wishes...

Whatever, I like doing on my blog, I noticed that during the almost half-year, have not been writting or posting. I realized that: I missed it :)

For this return, I going to start easy, that mean what I like, what I love Fashion and an outfit.

Theme: Mix everything up !!!

Leggings from Promod
Tank/bodycon dress, knitted coat, headband and red ring from H&M
Checked shirt from H&M for Men
Leather belt from Gap
Black bow ring from Accessorize
Leo cotton scarf from Pimkie
Camel bag from a second shop in Fürth (near Nuremberg)
Biker boots from C&A

If you take attention I'm wearing a Barbie pink nailpolish and I LOVE it.
I having almost a passion for this brand ESSENCE. Actually I just like their nailpolishes.

I forgot something: BONNE FÊTE MA MAMAN QUE j'AIME !!!

See you soon (1 song 3 versions) and have fun !

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