Saturday, November 6, 2010

Walk in Nuremberg

Hi everybody!

I want to share with you how great and beautiful is the city, where I'm living now!
Here are some snapshots I made of Nuremberg, (Bavaria) Franconia.

During this walk I made a wonderful discover:
a cutie little shop called BONHE & KLEID, which means "beans and dress", why that, because it's a clothing and coffee shop at the same time :)

I love Nuremberg !!!

See you soon !!!


  1. wow how cute :). quelle chance!

  2. Come and see me !!! you're welcome!
    J'espère que ça se passe bien ton poste d'assistante, que les élèves te rendent pas folle !!! biz

  3. Oulala, je sens que je vais aimer ce shop :)


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