Thursday, November 4, 2010

My 2 Favourite Tee-Shirts

Hello there!

I know that again it's been a while since I posted something.

By the the I have to tell you, that I have to wear business clothes at work, it means very less fashion as I see FASHION!!!

That maybe be a good reason for posting very few since I'm in Nuremberg!
But I still have the weekends: That is to say casual time !!!

Since the month of Jyly I have 2 pieces I love: 2 Ts from H&M
They're both white printed!

THE FIRST ONE: B&W printed pic

1st outfit:
Jeans, biker jacket, watch, and ballerinas from New Look
Neckless and satchel from H&M

2nd outfit:
Skirt from Uniqlo
Leather Brogues from New Look

THE SECOND ONE: Rolling Stones printed

Denim washed jacket from La Redoute
Jeans from New Look
Bag, sneakers, and leather belt from H&H

That's Laundry time!!!
Cardigan and Pyjama pant from H&M
Ballerinas from New Look


See you soon !


  1. Le Sac "Cartable Noir" est trop Beautiful !
    Bonne continuation . Simpa ce blog.
    Passe nous voir :
    Laisse ta trace.

    Au plaisir :)

  2. J'vais de ce pas jeter un coup d'oeil!
    Et devenez membres girls !

    c u soon !

  3. Pas mal le sac ;-) devient membre chez moi, CAR MAINTENANT JE TE SUIT!!!!!!!


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