Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nuremberg for short....

What an adventure!
Friday and Saturday I went to Germany, in Nuremberg, for a job interview!
Some funny (bad quality cellphone) pictures I made during my trip

The most famous German tourist detail: sandals and socks.
I really prefer that way (click here) for socks with sandals. By the way, love her blog Fashion Zen!!!

And at any age !!!

Is it a plane? Is it a train? First or second class?
Not so hard to guess, for those who've noticed a detail on the 2nd pic :D
A train in 2nd class, exactly the ICE, the german high-speed train (but not so fast as the TGV, the french one), but I love it, it's comfortable!!

Getting bored on the train !!! Can you see me on my mirror-sunglasses ?!?!

Isn't it gorgeous?
That's Lorenz Church

That was the last shots I can show you.
But maybe new other (good quality I hope) shots of Nuremberg soon!

To be continued...

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