Monday, July 19, 2010

A wedding weekend

This weekend, I was at my cousin's wedding in Normandy.
This makes spring two mains ideas from my brain:

- first I want to correct in people's minds the stupid idea that it's always raining in this region of France, it was such a shiny weekend !!!

- second, I love weddings. Love to see family and friends all dressed up, all new people to meet and discuss with, nice dinner, nice party, nice wedding DJ.

- third wedding DJs are not always good, but you may think that's quite relative. But at this wedding the music was cool!!!

- LOVE my outfits !!!!

The wedding day:

dress from H&M
shoes from André (very old collection)
clutch bag vintage from Free "p" Star
sunglasses from H&M
watch from Guess
headband homemade
nailpolish from Sephora (not sure)

After wedding day:

top from New Look
carrot pants from New Look
wedges from Bata
subglasses from New Look
purse/bag from H&M
hat from H&M Men
watch Festina
bangles from H&M
silver bracelet from Naf Naf
rings from I am and Trésor

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