Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thanks 1990s !!!

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Hi everybody!

today I wanna talk about fashion of the 1990s, and precisely in the show "Beverly Hills: 90210" (the first one, I delighted during my teenagehood), but until 4th maybe 5th season only !
If someone tells me that she never watched the show, I won't believe it !!! LoL !!! If it's the case, have some little search on the characters' name, can be useful under.

There was an evolution of what you think or thought about outfits in the show during the after:

- by the beginning of the 2000s, I was thinking: "What the hell is that? Did I wear the same kind of cloths??? I asked my dear mum of course, easy answer: yes, my lovely daugter!!!"

- now, by the beginning of the 2010s, I've been questionning myself about fashion more deeply (not so much, I'm not working in this field, but it's one of my passions): we are completely in a new use of 1990s fashion!!! It's the new "IN" (not a "NO GO" anymore) in vintage wear !

I know that I'm not the first to notice that fact, but I just wanted to illustrate it !!!

Here we come.

Source FOX

Kelly: Red lipstick, cute skirt, black tights, a gorgeous red blazer, thin brogue shoes
Brenda: great long sleeves grey bodycon dress, opaque black tights, some cute black ankle boots (I think)
Donna: floral bodycon dress, black flats
Andrea: a sweet short nude blazer, highwaisted jeans, en brown ankle boots

Source FOX

Aren't they beautiful?

Have a nice day!

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