Monday, April 23, 2012

Red Ballerinas Review

Hi Everybody !!! Some people say that in fashion there are pieces, which should be mandatory to have in his closet. I'd say everyone has its own tastes, and of course trends are influencing a lot our particular own tastes. I want to share wit the passion I have for the esthetic of RED BALLERINAS, by making a short review of the ones I prefer nowadays. First Pair of Red Ballerinas: Chloé
Let's start with classical pair... Why that? Because, this one is the closest one, to the origins of the ballerina dance ballet shoes. As you may know, that was the firts use of the ballerinas. Second pair of Red Ballerinas: REPETTO
Repetto, is one of the oldest manufacturer for that ballet dance shoes (as I danced Ballet when I was young, I had those „nude“ ones). I really like this pair because of the re-inveention of the „BB“ normal-classical red Repetto's ballerinas, mix of patent and wild leather! Third pair of Red Ballerinas: ASOS
What can I say? Great look! Trendy & classical! Repetto inspired! Very Cheap! Cute ! Fourth Red Ballerinas: KURT GEIGER
I had a crush on those ones (but did not buy), they look like they are the most comfortable shoes/Ballerinas EVER! Perfectly ergonomic 2 cm heels !! Looks like great leather … Fifth Red Ballernas: ROGER VIVER
I think that those are, with Repetto's, the most timeless in two ways: All generations of women can wear them, They'll keep on being great throughout decades. NOW, you can tell me which ones you prefer, and share you ballerinas passion with me :-) Have fun with comment and see you soon !

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