Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter in Nuremberg


Once again some pics of Nuremberg, my beautiful town :)
Under the snow, with a grey sky, it might see a bit sad, but not for me: that remains BRIGHT !!!

And even if it is cold outside (I heard that last weekend it was -12°C in the afternoon in Nuremberg, I don't think that it's getting so down in Paris ?!?! Am I wrong?), there's the Xmas Market "Christkindelsmarkt" one of the most famous and traditional in Germany, with hot wine "Glühwein" ... DELICIOUS !!!
(I'll do a post on this Xmas Market)

For now have a look :)

Coat, underknee socks and Setchel from H&M
Between Biker and Riding Boots from C&A
Grey long gloves from Camaïeu
Wool cap from Gap

So what do you think about outfit? It's hard for me not looking like sh*t when it's so cold :-P

Have fun and see you soon !


You read me !!!